The Best Beer Spots in Nashville

the front page of my guide on

Two weeks ago I received an email from an editor at who asked me if I would be “interested in creating a guide with your favorite places to grab a beer around Nashville?” Well of course I was. So after some head scratching, some writing, more than a few beers, and emails back and forth between Nashville and Norway and Germany (I think?), the guide is now up live on the site and available on their app as well. is an iOS/Android app (and website) that allows the user to create personalized travel guides for 150 cities worldwide. You can download the guide for each city individually to your phone, including maps and suggestions for the best places to go – and access it offline. Many topical guides for each city are created with input from local experts.

Which is where I come in.

I was asked to come up with “a list of 6-8 places in Nashville that are great for craft beers (or just beer in general)”. This is easier said than done. Narrowing down my favorites to a short list of 6-8 spots was something I was loathe to do. And I tried to take into account the idea that a travel guide is supposed to be somehow representative, at least in a way that the most salient aspects are all there.

So in the end I made a list of ten venues and submitted it to the editor hoping that she would include them all, but abdicating my own responsibility for making the cuts. And lo, she included them all!

The bad news: there are more than ten great places to have a beer in Nashville, and some got left out of this list.

The good news: Rejoice! There are more than ten great places to have a beer in Nashville!

Now I am very aware that this list is woefully incomplete. To begin with, I only chose places with a Nashville address, and I only chose truly local venues (no out of town chains). I decided to list five breweries and five other venues, and I only chose breweries with taprooms, since it’s a travel guide after all. So Czann’s is conspicuously absent, as at the time I wrote the guide their taproom had not opened and I found out that it opened last week (read about that here) after I had submitted my copy. I also only chose places that I have actually been to. I am sure there are several other great places missing from this list and some I may not even have been to yet.

Which is getting me to thinking that maybe the time is coming soon for a comprehensive, in-depth guide to the Nashville beer scene. Something like a beer blog that slowly but surely turns over every stone in town to find the ins and outs and intricacies and hidden gems, the regular hangouts and the esoteric. Maybe even something like a book! Who knows what could happen?

So please do me a huge favor and check out my guide at I am leaving a link to the guide up in the sidebar (if you’re on a computer – scroll down below the posts if you’re on a tablet or mobile) so it’s easy to find from Beer in Nashville once this post gets buried. Let me know what’s missing so I can add it to my (already long) list of best beer spots to check out and post about. You can post a comment below or send me an email if you prefer.

Thanks so much! And enjoy Craft Beer Week!


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